About US

About Softkeyz

Who We Are

We provide technology solutions across a wide variety of functional areas. Our clients include government (primarily defense, homeland security, aerospace, and social services) and commercial industries including oil and gas exploration, Retail, Insurance, Real Estate, Property Management, and healthcare.

Mission & Vision

  • Transparency and trust as a trusted long-term development to numerous global customers, we bring agility, honesty, trust and innovation to every project. we have a transparent delivery platform and live up to that code in all our interactions with internal and external partners.
  • Customer focus being agile is part of our company culture and we want to help our clients create value for their business, not only it capability. softkeyz developers are guided to think and perform with the clients' business in mind and contribute with their full ability and value.
  • respect honesty and respect are very important to our organization. it is respect for the customer and respect for each other. it helps build understanding, raise quality and facilitate open and honest developer-client communication.
  • Courage here at softkeyz we embrace change. we are always innovating and moving forward with ideas to improve results or overcome any challenges in projects. we have the courage to offer our opinions and search for even better ways to implement client requests.