Technology is now essential to creating unique, satisfying customer experiences that will keep your business growing. We have helped our clients build B2B and B2C solutions that are rich in features, technically powerful and attractive in design, including many e-commerce websites and retail management and POS systems.

We provide design, development and maintenance services, and can offer technology advice to help you choose a suitable e-commerce platform for your business.


In a highly competitive industry that requires you to carefully assess risks and potential, you need IT systems that support the business decision process quickly and efficiently. New regulatory compliance requirements also need to be implemented.

In this ever-challenging environment, We works with financial services clients to create solutions that meet higher requirements for the flexibility and scalability of enterprise systems, while delivering quality customer service. We have experience in building systems for internal project management and loan/mortgage applications, as well as maintenance and small development for financial software products.


We’re ready to fly. We’s team of professionals has years of experience creating solutions for this global industry. We have developed restaurant and hotel booking systems, enabled travel agencies to reach new markets with their online tour package services, and helped clients improve operational efficiency by integrating booking engines with CRM and financial solutions.

Microsoft CRM for Real Estate and Property Management

We provide a complete integrated solution with Microsoft Dynamics CRM for property owners and real estate developers including financials, billing, lease and contract management, capital project management, property rentals and real estate sales. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is an integrated, adaptable business management solution that helps you make business decisions with greater confidence. Microsoft Dynamics CRM works like and with familiar Microsoft software.

The Property Management built to cater to the requirements and needs of today’s international property owners and real estate developers, Sea Ports, Marine Terminal Operations, and 3rd Party Logistics companies that run and maintain several warehouses

The average property management company typically runs several different software solutions to manage its business. Microsoft Dynamics CRM for property management offers one fully integrated all in one system automating manual processes and eliminating duplication of information from one system to the other.

  • Property Management: Property Management is an administrative system for handling lease contracts on land and buildings e.g. open storage areas, parking lots, warehouses, store and office buildings and apartments. Calculate rental changes, services and fees for maintenance etc. as well as related payments. On the basis of entered information Microsoft Dynamics CRM can automatically generate an invoice proposal which is used for the final invoicing.
  • Contract The central component is the contract (lease agreement) with the related leases. The contract contains all information about the individual lease agreement and you can attach an unlimited number of leases to a contract. In the contract, information such as size, payment addresses, tasks (integrated to Outlook), status history, payment frequency and date control of lease changes can be attached. Sublease and lenders can be handled. Quotations can be created and managed from the contract. Furthermore it is possible to display statistics of the lease agreements.
  • Leases The term "lease" is used in a broader sense, as it is possible to create an unlimited number of lease types, e.g. leases with or without building, apartment, office, shop, on account collections, deposits, etc. A lease is always created in connection with a contract (lease agreement). On the individual lease information (e.g. lease terms, conditions, regulations and prices) and functionality is attached and used e.g. as starting point for the automatic rent calculation.
  • Property Information The property data contain information on the individual property such as location, number of floors, number of units, total building and individual unit area, property tax, value assessment, property manager, history log, Google Maps and GIS integration etc. Inventory management for each unit is possible to control and mange e.g. furnished apartments. Property data is used when entering into contracts/leases and the maintenance of contracts. Services and tasks such as inspection, maintenance etc. can be attached to the property.
  • Utility Billing & Consumption Utility consumption can be attached to the contract lease and can be handled both as full periodic payments and as “on-account” collections. Registration of actual meter readings compared to the on-account collections, creates the final settlement of the utility consumption.
  • Price Agreements and Pricing Calculation of rentals and fees for customers, contracts and leases uses a comprehensive price/discount matrix setup. Automatic generation of recurring billing invoices and ability to create manual invoices. There is optional setup of payment frequency, starting period and collection cycle. It is possible to handle price adjustment of the price agreements and leases including index regulation e.g. CPI step-up. Simulation of rental revenue including available units can be handled and transferred to project forecast for an overall forecast.
  • Services and Fees Service orders can be related to the property and the contract. The service can be tasks/jobs and fees for inspection, property management, maintenance, service on constructions etc. The tasks can automatically be transferred to Microsoft Outlook. Fees for services can be entered manually or generated automatically on the basis of registered service orders (a collection of fees and/or tasks) and invoiced. A service set is a number of predefined services with the possibility of attaching actual resources for use with a certain kind of contract, lease or task. Service sets can be attached to each individual property, unit, contract and lease.
  • Insurance Insurance policies can be attached to properties and contracts.
  • Business Analysis Management reporting is an important task in today’s business. Microsoft Dynamics CRM supports standard integration to SQL Reporting services, the Microsoft Dynamics CRM reporting wizard and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Business Analysis cubes. Business Analysis helps provide the power needed to quickly transform business data from Microsoft Dynamics CRM into knowledge and strategic action. It is possible to analyze productivity and profitability across the entire business operation and to generate performance scorecards, or obtain instant reports and rollups.
  • Lease and Project Follow-Up All contracts and tasks can be attached to a specific project. Projects can represent a building, a group of leases, a customer or whatever one wishes to define as such. Properties, contracts and services can be attached to a specific project. Forecast and actual figures can be transferred to the project. All cost, revenue and activities can be attached to a project with full budgeting and cash flow analytics.

Microsoft CRM for Call Centers

deploying Microsoft CRM for Contact Centers and Call centers and has tailored Microsoft CRM to the needs for Contact Centers.

Features for Contact Centers

  • Tele-scripts: Ability to use scripts for common questions. Relevant scripts pop-up based on questions being asked by customer.
  • Incident Management: Ability to prioritize incidents based on level of severity and escalate the incident for help to a supervisor or other subject matter expert.
  • Automatic Escalations: System and workflow driven automatic incident escalations when an agent is not able to respond or resolve an issue effectively.
  • Integrated Agent Desktop: Integrated chat, email, web meeting and voice with the Microsoft CRM interface.
  • Knowledge base: Integrated knowledge base for common questions and support problems
  • Expert on Call: Ability to ask questions for an expert on call for non-scripted scenarios
  • Contact Center Analytics: Reports on Average Time to resolve an incident, First Contact Resolution percentage; Average Response time, and Average Cost per incident. All reports available at an aggregate level, individual representative level or by group of agents.
  • 360 degree view of customer: A complete view of the customer that provides incident history, sales pipeline and past sales.
  • Cross-sell and Up-sell: Product and Service recommendations based on current products/ services owned by customer providing the ability to convert a customer support interaction to a revenue opportunity
  • Knowledge base: Integrated knowledge base for common questions and support problems

Microsoft CRM for Bank

The Bank and Credit Union Management Solution allows banks to better understand their customers and strengthen the customer relationship. The solution is based on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform and is tailored for retail banks, commercial banks, investment banks, credit unions and private bankers. The solution provides banks with to get a 360 degree relationship view of customers including checking/ savings accounts, transaction information, individual preferences and helps bankers strengthen the relationships with their customer base. Bank and Credit Union Management provides functionality that will help financial institutions manage customer transaction data and turn into useful marketing analytics and create help them develop broad programs that will make customers feel more connected, and enthusiastic and dedicated to their solutions and services.

  • Bank Account & Customer Management.<
  • Relationship Management & Marketing.
  • Customer Profile Analytics and Reports.
  • Customer Service

Microsoft CRM for Insurers & Insurance Brokerages

Our solution for Insurers and Insurance Brokerages & Agents provides a comprehensive solution that allows for sales pipeline management for new policies, customer relationship management with a 360 degree view of the customer, claims management, policy renewals and activity management. The solution is built on modern architecture using Microsoft Dynamics CRM, platform which provides for enterprise-level scalability, web, Outlook and mobile access, and a very flexible platform for making changes.

  • Sales Pipeline Management for New Policies.
  • Robust Sales Process to Improve Producer Effectiveness and Agent Productivity.
  • Extensive Life and Non-Life Insurance Policy Management.
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction
  • Record and Manage Claims
  • Marketing Campaigns and Lead Management
  • Comprehensive Reporting